This is the BIOGRAPY OF BEN AND MARTIE LUBBE from the time they found Christ and entered the exciting new road of walking with God. Ben soon after resigned as magistrate and they set out on a challenging new venture as evangelists and missionaries. At the age of  65 the Lord called them to establish a mission in Mozambique which they did. Many hardships and trials awaited them, but also the joy of seeing the work grow beyond their expectations. This story will be an inspiration both to those recently converted to Jesus and those called to step forth into full-time service of the Lord. (Ben is also the writer of the study guides presented on this website).


The story of the WOMAN WITH THE FLOW OF BLOOD (in English) that was healed in a special way after 12 years of suffering.  A remarkable example of faith.


A. The story of the RICH YOUNG RULER (in English) whose selfrighteousness stood in his way of receiving eternal life.

B. The story of THE SORM ON THE LAKE (in English). Our faith in God tested by the storms of life.

C.  The story of the DEMON POSSESSED MAN OF GADARA (in English). Jesus’ power over demons, God’s compassion for a single soul in distress and valuing pigs above the blessings of Jesus.

D. The story of the RESURRECTION OF JAIRUS’ DAUGHTER (in English). A spiritual leader admits his inability to save his daugter from death and puts his faith in Jesus.


The PARABLE OF THE LAMP  (in English) was rewritten and you will be blessed by reading it. Just click on the underlined words to be rerouted to this Bible study.

2020-07-27:  THE SERIES IN TSONGA: Systematic Topical Teaching has been added. It consists of 35 Bible studies covering all of the most important topics in God’s Word. A Bible student that has studied the Scriptures book by book from Genesis to Revelation and has a reasonable knowledge of their contents, will benefit by now studying the Word by way of topics such as the attributes of God, the fall of man and God’s present work to restore him, the end of the world and the new world that God will create for mankind.

2020-06-27:  NEW SERIES IN BANGLA: A series of 12 study guides in Bangla has been added. If you know someone from Bangladesh, please draw his attention to them. Click on here on Walking with God to go to the first study guide.

2020-06-01: The Parable of the Sower was rewritten and you will benefit by reading it. Just click on the underlined words to be rerouted to it.