8 The Seventh day

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Please read Gen 2:1-3 before reading the comments below

 In six days, God completed all of heaven and earth and everything on it. On the seventh day He rested and because He rested on the seventh day, He set it apart from the other days and blessed it with a special blessing.


What exactly the rest that God arranged for Himself on the seventh day entails, we do not know as elsewhere in the Scripture it is stated clearly that He does not become tired or exhausted (Isaiah 40:28).

Then, in Exodus 31:17 again, we find the interesting revelation that on the seventh day He rested and refreshed Himself; but, since He is able to completely maintain Himself (providing for Himself and being self sufficient) He has no need of refreshing Himself (as we refresh ourselves), so why did He rest? And exactly how did He rest? We do not know, except that He did no work like He did on the other days.

Let me guess that He set it apart to give attention to Himself; to enjoy His own thoughts. Anyway l, He is God and we are not given to understand Him completely.


What is of practical importance to us is that man, who is similar to God, therefore also requires “a Seventh Day” to be refreshed; it is not only a need but was ordained so by God. Amongst Christians there is much debate about the ”Seventh Day” which is not so important for us for now, for our main focus is on creation and not on Christian conduct.

To set aside one full day entirely as a day of rest and of fellowshipping with God, makes good sense for it takes time for man’s thoughts to let go of his problems and responsibilities and get into sweet contact with God. Keep in mind that He pronounced His blessing over the “Seventh Day”.

It is however also important to stop working every now and then during every day to focus entirely on God, even if it is only for five minutes. Your body will relax, and your spirit will be freshly anointed.  


Let every Christian take time to sometimes stand still and behold the work of God’s hands and let his spirit be restored and refreshed by the sweetness of His being.