Ephesians 5

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  1. The Christian lifestyle can furthermore be depicted as follows:
    1. It resembles a child that truly loves and respects its parents and brings joy to them by carefully imitating their excellent example in every way. (5:1)
    2. It also resembles Christ, in his love for us and for God his Father, which caused him to offer himself as a sweet smelling sacrifice. (5:2)
  2. To illustrate this sensitivity in seeking God’s desires in sacrificial, holy living, Paul now again applies it to practical aspects of life:
    1. Unless it is necessary, evade even speaking on base issues such as immorality, impurity and greed; therefore never allow coarse jokes, obscene stories and foolish, silly talk when you are conversing with one another for it does not befit the saints to do so and that those you are amiably chatting about, those living in immorality and greed (which is idolatry) are excluded from the Kingdom of God. (5:3-5)
    2. There are things done by people in secret, that are so horrible that a decent person should be ashamed even to mention it. (5:12)
    3. Do not get drunk. (5:18)
    4. Take great care not to be mislead by the vain words of people that try to justify evil, make it seem acceptable, make it look good, find excuses for it; do not share their lifestyle. (5:6,7)
    5. Have no part in the works of darkness but rather take an offensive stand against it, reveal it for what it is by applying God’s Word and openly denounce (rebuke) it. (5:11)
    6. As children of the light (having emerged from darkness):
    7. Carefully test every attitude, thought, word and deed to make quite sure that God approves of it. (5:10)
    8. In so doing, see if they conform to the standards of goodness, righteousness and truth; if so, they pass the test, for then they are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. (5:9)
    9. Be wide awake (fully awake from the sleep of death in which you formerly were) open your eyes wide and you will clearly see everything for what it is, for the light emitted by Christ will brightly shine upon your life. (5:14)
    10. Take great care of each step you daily take, making sure that you put your foot down on solid ground, in the footsteps of Jesus. (5:15)
    11. Grow in heavenly wisdom that will assist you to clearly discern the will of God. (5:17)
    12. Buy out the time; that is, use your limited time on earth wisely so that every moment will yield an eternal benefit to you. ((5:16)
    13. Be totally abandoned to the Spirit of God, as a drunkard freely abandons himself to, and enjoys the effects of alcohol. (5:18)
    14. When gathering as members, sing all kinds of hymns, psalms and songs of praise; more than that: wherever you are, sing and make joyful melody in your hearts to the glory of God. (5:19)
    15. Continually and for everything you experience, thank God the Father in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (5:20)
    16. Because of your reverence for God, let it not be a problem to you, whenever necessary, to submit to one another. (5:21)



  1. To explain the marriage relationship between husband and wife, Paul uses the example of relationship between Christ and his Bride, which is the Church:
    1. Christ is the head of the Church. (5:23)
    2. The members are the skeleton and flesh making up his body. (5:30)
    3. He loves the congregation. (5:25)
    4. He gave his very life to redeem her. (5:25)
    5. He cleansed her from impurity by means of the water bath of his Word. (5:26)
    6. His purpose is that she may, on the final day, be presented to him (by the Holy Spirit that is now preparing her beauty), without spot or blemish, holy and glorified. (5:27)
  2. The husband/wife relationship therefore is as follows:
    1. The husband is the head (leader) of the wife (has authority over her). (5:23)
    2. He must cleave to (bond with) his wife so strongly and intimately, that he and she will become one body and this bond must take total preference over the filial bond he has with his parents. (5:31)
    3. He must love his wife as much as he loves himself (as he loves his own body: his hair, face, arms, legs, etc.). (5:28,29)
    4. (His love for himself must be seen, not in the way he pampers himself but how he cares for and protects his wife.)
    5. He must daily sacrifice himself (his comfort, time, means, etc.) for her. (5:25)
    6. He must do all he can that his wife may be built up physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually to attain to all God ever intended her to be on the day when she will be presented as a bride to Christ. (5:27)
    7. To accomplish this intimate relationship, a one husband, one wife marriage is the only acceptable union. (5:33)
    8. The wife, on her part, must respect her husband (be loyal to him, take note of and understand what he does, appreciate what he does for the family, assist him wherever possible, encourage him, defend him when others speak bad of him, admire him, praise him and gladly submit to his leadership as she would unto the Lord.) (5:24,33)


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