Genesis, index to study guides

1Introduction to Genesis 
2Creation, day 11:1-5
3Creation, days 2-61:6-31
4Creation of Man1:26-2:25
5Creation of the Woman2:18-25
6Man’s habitat and food1:29, 2:8-14
7Man’s mandate1:26,28; 2:19,20
8The seventh day2:1-3
9Testing of Man’s obedience2:16,17 ;3:1-8
10The fall of man3:6-8
11God deals with fallen Man3:9-24
12Cain and Abel4: 1-24
13Adam’s genealogy through Seth5:1-32
14Noah’s ark6:1 – 7:16
15The Flood and afterwards7:17 – 10:32
16The Tower of Babel11:1-32
17Abraham called11:26-12:9
18Abraham in Egypt12:10-20
19Abraham and Lot13:1-14:24
20Abraham, promises confirmed15:1-21
21Abraham, Sarah, Ishmael16:1-16
22Abraham, names, circumcision, times17:1-27
23Abraham, Sodom, Lot18:1-33; 19:1-38
24Abraham, Sarah, Isaac born20:1 – 21:7
25Abraham, Hagar & Ishm, Abim21:8 – 34
26Abraham has to sacrifice Isaac22:1 – 34
27Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah23:1 – 25:18
28Isaac & Rebekah have sons25:19-28
29Jacob & Esau define  themselves25:27 – 34
30Isaac blunders, God blesses26:1-33
31Jacob’s fraud27:1-46
32Jacob flees, his vision, arrival at Haran28, 29
33Jacob’s marriages & pruning29:15-30
34Jacob shakes off Laban’s yoke30, 31
35Jacob wrestles with Jesus32:1-32
36Jacob meets Esau, Dinah33, 34
37Jacob, cleans up and relocates35
38Joseph; beloved son and dreamer37:1-11
39Joseph the hated brother37:12-36
40Joseph’s brother Judah38
41Joseph, slave and prisoner39, 40
42Joseph, ruler and saviour41
43Joseph’s brothers arrive42
44Joseph, family ties re-established43 – 45
45Joseph, task accomplished46 – 50
46Joseph as type of Christ31 – 50

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