Genesis, using the study guides

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In using these study guides, two important matters must be kept in mind:

  • You cannot read the study guide instead of reading the Bible. The study guide does not discuss all the contents of the portion of Scripture that is dealt with, only the more important aspects or those that need to be explained more fully. It also applies the read Scripture to the life of the reader.
  • The Bible text itself is infinitely more important than these comments; so read it carefully, more than once, think deeply on what God is saying to you and memorize as much of it as you can; only then turn to the study guide to supplement your own insights.
  • Keep in mind that this study guide has been written for people that do not know God or have not had the privilege of studying His Word deeply, or of being well educated. They need the Word to be presented to them as milk and not as meat. If, however you are able to read easily and may even have access to other Bible commentaries or the internet, you should avail yourself of those sources of teaching too.
  • The Bible was given to us so that by studying it, we may get to know God and then be changed into the likeness of His Son Jesus Who lived amongst us. Therefore, as you study the Bible, always ask yourself: “Is my studying of the Bible changing my lifestyle into the Image of Christ?” If not, get down on your knees, confess your need and plead with Him for more grace and faith.