The devil

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SerpentGen 3:1, etc.
DragonRev, 13x
Accuser of the brothersRev 12:10
Adversary2The 2:4; 1Pe 5:8
MurdererJoh 8:44
LiarJoh 8:44
Father of liesJoh 8:44
The evil one1Joh 5:19
A roaring lion1 Pet 5:8


(Please read Eze 28:11-19).

In this portion of Scripture, read with the preceding verses, the devil is compared with the king of Tyre. That king was greatly gifted and became extraordinarily rich by trading with the surrounding nations. He then became proud and was cast down by God.

The same happened to Satan. He was probably the most glorious of all of God’s angels, protecting God’s glory. His abode was in “Eden” which was not known for its glorious vegetation, but for its precious stones. Pride then welled up in his heart and he rebelled against God, intending to dethrone Him. Eventually he and the angels that followed him, were cast out of heaven (Rev 12:7-10).

The Lord does not answer all our questions regarding him. For instance, how sin overcame him for no-one tempted him?


From Genesis to Revelation we can see the trail of the serpent but will mention just a few instances. Although satan is not in every instance mentioned by name as having brought about the evil, it can be inferred from the rest of Scripture.

  • Adam and Eve

He tempted and deceived Adam and Eve to sin, thereby getting a strangling hold on mankind and creation (Gen 3:1-24). The Lord Jesus said that the whole world is in the power of the evil one (1Joh 5:19).

  • Job

This pious man of God who had no equal on all the earth, was targeted by the devil and, after getting permission to do so from God, afflicted him terribly (Job 1:1 etc.).

  • The Flood

Mankind became so wicked because of sin incited by satan, that God had to destroy all except for Noah and his family (Gen 6:9, etc.).

  • The Tower of Babel

There satan enticed mankind to rebel against God by building a tower that would reach up to heaven. The Lord thwarted his plans by confusing the builders’ language so they had to abandon the project (Gen 11:1-9).

  • King David

He was a man and king after God’s own heart, but one day, tempted by satan, he fell for a woman called Bathsheba and murdered her husband to cover his sin (2Sam 11:3 etc.)

  • The Lord Jesus in the wilderness

Here, for the first time in appr 6000 years, satan was defeated. Three times he tempted the Lord but failed to get Him to sin against God, His Father (Matt 4:1-11).

  • The Lord Jesus on the cross

Here again, satan was defeated. He enticed the Jewish leaders to kill the Son of God by nailing Him to a cross, but on the third day He arose victoriously (Matt 27, 28).

  • The tribulation

During the seven years of tribulation, the devil will reach the peak of his destructive work on earth through anti-Christ and the false prophet, but will then be cast into the bottomless pit for 1000 years (Rev 7:14; 20:2,3).

  • Armageddon

At the end of the 1000 years, satan will be released from the pit. He will go out and deceive the nations and lead an all-out attack on the Lord Jesus and His people, but the Lord will destroy them with fire from heaven and cast him in the lake of fire (Rev 20:7-10).


  • We must know that he is as powerful as a roaring lion.
  • We must know that he is as cunning as a snake.
  • We must know that our Lord defeated him in the wilderness and on the cross.
  • We must use all the means God gave us to protect ourselves (the full armour, Eph 6:6-20).
  • We will see him fleeing from us, for he fears the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us.