Walking with God, introduction

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Many of us have questions about God and about life after death, but we fail to get answers for it is impossible for a human being to get to know and understand God by means of his own thinking and reasoning.

God knows this, very well, but because He loves us and wants us to get to know Him and walk with Him,  He gave us a Book revealing everything we need to know about Him and walking with Him.

In the study guides that follow, we will take you step by step through some of the more important teachings of His Book, the Bible, starting from where He describes how the world and everything in it came into being.

In the third chapter you will get to know why we are seperated from Him and why we do all sorts of bad things, speaking evil of others, getting angry, hurting and even robbing one-another.

Next it tells us about God’s Son that came from heaven to live amonst us  making it possible to be reconciled with God so as to live in peace with Him and with other people.

You may never have read a Bible before, so let me just briefly tell you something about it. The word BIBLE actually means something like library, for it is made up of 66 booklets which are divided into two major groups called the Old- and New Testaments. Everyone of these booklets was written by some or other person and some books are called after their writers. What makes the Bible to be different from all other books, is that God’s Spirit inspired every word which the writers wrote down.

We have quoted some portions of the Bible in the lectures. By reding these you will discover what a wonderful Book it is and may even decide to buy your own Bible right away.

Now enjoy the studies that follow.